Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Devil Times Five

A VW bus us transporting a small group of children from a mental institution crashes on an icy road killing the driver. A few of the kids survive. The start wonder thru the snow covered woods for a few hours until they find there way to a vacation resort that is closed for the season. However, a mob boss and his group are staying at the resort. They take the children in to use them for protection. What the mob does nor know is that the kids are from the institution and have homicidal tendencies.

The first victim is a caretaker who survived the crash but was slow to catch up to the kids. The children hid in the dark and attack him as he entered the house. They beat him with a hammer, chain and a other blunt objects. The scene is shown in slow motion and strobes to enhance the violence.

The children in the movie have great personalities which ads depth to their characters. One kid dresses up and carries himself like a Navy Seal, a second is well dressed in a coat and dress pants while a third acts as a mother figure to the others and dresses and prays like a nun. They play their roles well which ads to the story and does not make this another scare movie with no life blood running thru it. Instead it's a fun film with plenty of blood shed and a plot that made me root for the kids even though they were the bad guys in this fun little flick.

Far from a slasher film, Devil Times Five takes it's good old sweet time and builds each bloody scene up slowly and each scene is more gruesome then the previous making for a good build up to the finish. The best scene in the movie is where a woman is in the bath tub and the girl who dresses as a nun pushes the woman's head under water while a younger gal pours a bucket of piranha into the bath water. As the woman struggles in a tub full of bloody water, the girls look on, one cuddling her teddy bear and laughing.

If you have not watched this film, get it. It's available on the second "Chiller" collection from Mills Creek Entertainment and is worth the price of the set.

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