Friday, January 21, 2011

Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon

If Alice in Wonderland meshed with a large outdoor mental institution, the result would be this intriguing story pinned by Edgar Allen Poe about a reporter who pays a visit to a mental institution to do a story, only to find out the inmates are living out their uncrontrolled thoughts and fantasies while the doctor in charge finds the whole thing amusing and does not treat them. The story is told first person by the reporter. His father was accused of murder and put away in a mental institution and the son was discouraged from visiting.

Taking a horse and buggy across the rough roads in a wooded area, the reporter, a friend and his friends cousin are on there way to the grounds where a dark and eirie castle is the home to many who have mental problems. The good doctor is more than happy to take our friend on a tour of the facility. What is found is the oddest group of people one could have come across. Our hero the reporter discovers that innocent people are also forced by the inmates to take part in savage rituals led by the inmates.

Despite featuring a mostly Mexican cast and crew, the film was filmed in english and then redubbed in Mexican. The movie was also released under the name "Mansion of Madness" but the orginal release was called Dr. Tarrs Tourture Dungen.

The story moves at a steady pace and the director does a nice job of keeping the subjects intersting with creative camera angles. Lighting is not an issue with this film as most of it is shot outside during the day. The story is very disturbing and does nothing but portray people with mental disabilities as members of society who are freaks and should be locked away from the rest of cilvilization. Despite the disturbing images and freakish display of mental problems, the movie is inticing and good.

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