Sunday, January 9, 2011

Blood Mania

Ok, see if you can follow this. A married doctor who performed illegal abortions while he was a student in med school is blackmailed for fifty thousand dollars by the man who introduced him to the women who wanted the abortions. The doctor is taking care of a patient who happens to be his own boss at the local family clinic. The doctor is seduced by his boss’s daughter Victoria who murder’s her father by getting him to inhale an illegal substance while asleep to the get the fifty thousand bucks from his will to give to the doc. At the same time, the doctor’s wife offers to sleep with the guy who is black mailing her husband if he promises to not ruin her husbands life and career. Are you still with me? Hang in there.

Our friend the doc is in deeper trouble now because he choose to go along with the murder of his boss by claiming it was a stroke. He can’t break up the affair with Victoria because she may have the fifty thousand bucks from her. Then comes the real zinger!! At the reading of the will, the deceased boss left all of his money and possessions to his youngest daughter Gail! Only the home and $250 bucks a month go to the gal that worked so hard to get the fifty grand! Now it’s time for out evil little bitch to get revenge on her little sister. It’s also time for the untrustworthy old doc to play his hand at trying his bedside manners on Gail!

A superb job is done in telling the story regardless of how predictable the story is at times. Maria de Aragon masters the role of the bitch who kills her father just to get the man she loves. The movie takes a lumpy and gushy turn about two-thirds of the way into the movie when the doctor falls in love with Gail. Victoria, never one to go down without a fight decides that she is going to use her cold and calculated ways to lure Gail in and make sure she gets nothing, including her man! Try this movie out. It's available on the "Gorehouse Greats" Collection.

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