Monday, March 7, 2011

Silent Night, Bloody Night

Silent Night Bloody Night is a slow paced horror flick from 1974 that has some good things to offer the viewer. While the pacing is slow, the visuals and backgrounds are used in a very creative way by the director. Everything in the film feels like an old school Gothic classic.
There are not many scenes where there is a lot of blood and gore. However, there is one scene when the lawyer and his girlfriend are murdered with an ax while in bed together. The scene shows plenty of blood and the camera shots chosen along with some fast paced editing and scary music, really make the double murder look real. The person doing the murdering has taken up residence in the home. nobody knows why he is there or what he wants to do with the home. We just know that the people that visit and stay at the house, do not make it out alive.

The movie has some nice plot twist, however there are too many scenes where the outcomes are predictable. A better explanation could have been given for who the murderer was. Oh we find out who it is, but how did survive the fire and why did he murder all of these people?

Still, Silent Night, Bloody Night is a fun film that is well directed. The actors do a very good job of carry the story and making the film believable.

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