Sunday, January 30, 2011

Land of the Minotaur

It’s getting late, and a group of Satan worshipers are bringing two young teenagers before an alter of a hideous looking beast. They are tied up, and a young girl walks up to the alter and stabs them to death. A preacher is well aware of the horrible things going on in the cult. However, he cannot convince the police of what is happening. So he must set out to stop the madness before anyone else dies.

Three vacationers are on their way to the mountain to do some archeological digging. Our hero the pastor must stop them before it’s too late. During their search, two of the three adults find the “double axe” symbol on a cement block that is blocking the entrance to an underground tunnel. The two men find the dead bodies of the couple that were sacrificed. Now the men along with their female companion are in danger of being the next sacrifice.

The preacher hires a private investigator to help in the search for the three missing archeologist. The prime suspect is the Barron. The Barron is played by the legend Peter Cushing. Peter does a great job in this film, despite being limited by a script that is predictable. The movie has the pacing and drama of a Sunday night detective show on network television. The film is not a horror film but is a suspense thriller.

The movie has an explosive ending. and is entertaining and worth finding on one of the many Mills Creek Entertainment sets.

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